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Why You Need To Have Social Media In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A successful marketing strategy requires companies to know their consumer and understand their behavior to reach them when the moment is right. Social media allows you to learn what your customers are looking for and when. Consumers are discussing brands, companies, and user experience every day on social media. Think about it, when was the last time you tweeted your cable provider about an issue? Or tagged your favorite restaurant on Instagram? Those insights are at your fingertips, and you can use them to meet your goals and ultimately improve your business.

These platforms allow businesses the chance to find their specific market, shape their brand based on what potential customers are looking for, and in turn create consumer loyalty. You can accomplish this by providing shareable and engaging content, photos and videos are great examples, and interacting with your followers. Be conversational and return feedback when a client has a question, comment, or concern. Did you know 89 percent of messages sent to brands via social media go unanswered? A timely response can go a long way in the eyes of a consumer. Another thought to keep in mind is how to leverage trends. Find out what people are talking about and begin to shape your content to remain relevant.

Chances are if your company is using social media so are your competitors. Keep a close eye on them to see how they promote themselves and what content they are posting. Knowing your competition can help you find a way to be different, better, and more interactive.

If you don’t have a full digital marketing strategy developed, don’t freak out. Social media presence is a good place to start. Evaluate your business goals and determine which platforms make sense for you to be on. Keep them up to date and always relevant to what is happening in your industry.


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