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A Textbook Case for a Successful Brand Launch

Toolbox Studios partnered with the Position Wealth LLC (Position) team in 2019 to define their brand, create their website, and strategically launch their new brand through TruClarity Wealth Advisors’ (TCWA) guidance.



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The now-owners of Position, Cary and Danny were financial advisors under Merrill Lynch, but wanted to become independent. They began their journey by reaching out to TCWA to help with their departure, who then introduced Toolbox Studios. With this being a unique brand launch, we worked closely with the Position and TCWA team to maintain compliance standards, while launching a new brand that would attract attention, grow their clientele into new markets, and eventually, increase their number of employees and branches.

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Toolbox Studios, the Position team, and TCWA team worked together to develop:

position wealth logo
position wealth branding guide
position wealth branding guide
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Position launched their brand and website on September 19, 2019. Since then, the team has very successfully grown their Assets Under Management and client base and has added a new advisor to the team. Position now has offices in the Woodlands, TX, Austin, TX, and Salt Lake City, UT. With the success of Position, the management team has initiated the process of developing Position Property under their holding company. This will be one of many tuck-in companies that will launch over the next year. Toolbox Studios continues to work with Position on website maintenance, advertising strategies, social media management, and all branding efforts for the new tuck-in companies.

"Toolbox was instrumental in helping us successfully create and launch our brand, and their work never stops. Their entire team is always one step ahead of us in implementing new strategies that help keep our company on the map. We look forward to Toolbox continuing to support us as we grow and expand into new ventures."

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