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j&D Labs / CAPTEK® Softgel International

J&D Labs / CAPTEK® Softgel International

Toolbox Studios began working with J&D Labs in 2014. It was a dream project to partner with this 25 year old privately-owned manufacturing company and develop new marketing plans, website, or trade-show strategies that helped take their business to the next level.











Toolbox Studios collaborated closely with the owners to develop a full brand including logo, photography, voice/tone, and all brand collateral including signage, print pieces, stationery, brochures, sell sheets, etc. We then built their custom website, developed a multi-year marketing strategy, implemented an aggressive marketing plan, maintained their social media and SEO, launched a new service offering (NutraStock®), and developed their trade show strategy.

In the ensuing years, J&D Labs sales skyrocketed, the value of the company doubled, and in 2017 they were purchased by CAPTEK® Softgel International through the private equity firm, Swander Pace. A key component of the sale was the strong market presence and well-developed brand. CAPTEK® opted to keep Toolbox Studios as their new marketing firm.

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With the industry’s largest trade show looming, Toolbox Studios quickly reworked the J&D Labs trade show strategy to an industry announcement of CAPTEK’s purchase. The strategy included pre-show print and digital ads, geo-fencing the event which garnered 136,096 impressions with 401 clicks, and a 4,188 Facebook pin drop reach with 57 clicks. Additionally, we ran a highly successful lead generation campaign via a WIFI sponsorship that garnered a reach of 7,219 and 100 leads requesting to meet during the trade show. Toolbox Studios had staff on-hand at the trade show to handle all last-minute details and schedule appointments.

We then successfully transitioned all previous media buys, facility signage, print collateral, social media, and website content. At the same time, Toolbox Studios worked closely with CAPTEK® to develop our relationship, understand their objectives, and then initiated a marketing strategy that made sense for their international business.

In the following years, we built and launched CAPTEK’s new website, developed an e-commerce site for their NutraStock® bulk ordering service, and completely re-designed their trade show booth from a 20×20 configuration to a 30×30 island. We developed relationships with industry news outlets, orchestrated interviews, distributed press releases, and maintained a strong international presence via well-developed marketing, trade show, and social media plans.

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Toolbox Studios maintains close relationships with all of the people involved on these projects. Their recommendations have led to amazing long-term partnerships in the fitness and supplement sector.

"It was a pleasure working with the Toolbox Studios team. They took a deep dive approach to get to know our business, culture, and ideal audience—and ultimately become the marketing arm of our company. Their comprehensive approach made it easier for us to focus on growing our business while they handled all aspects of the brand, website, and marketing strategy. Partnering with Toolbox Studios definitely helped take our business to the next level."

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