Re-imagining the Brand.

Toolbox Studios partnered with Granite Supplements to define their already established brand, to appeal to a broader audience and widen their target demographic.









Granite Supplements was created as a niche company to provide supplements to a target group of aspiring and professional bodybuilders. They started off strong but had to re-evaluate their strategy in 2019 with changes in management that sought to broaden the market and appeal. Our challenge was to pivot a brand with a strong website, social media presence, and packaging already in place.


Toolbox Studios slightly softened the brand, defined fonts and colors, and created photo standards and messaging consistency. We established a brand guide that defines Granite Supplements’ goals, mission, and values. It also formed the basis for developing guidelines for the ambassadors associated with Granite Supplements.

We designed and built a custom WordPress site with robust e-commerce capabilities within Woo Commerce. We integrated subscription emails, a loyalty program, and implemented four specific content themes to help the audience understand the variety of potential for these products (Weight Management, Fat Loss, Muscle Building, and Performance). Once the website was complete, we worked with Granite Supplements to develop content for blogs, launch email campaigns through their newsletter; develop social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn; digital and social advertisements; and a marketing strategy that increased website traffic and improved sales. Our goal was to establish an educational user-experience that promotes the products, while incorporating keywords that would assist in Search Engine Optimization.

The Granite Supplements packaging was due for reprint, so our team strategically pitched an entirely new design to completely break from the previous bodybuilding-only focus. The new packaging moves from a bulky tub to a convenient bag. It takes up less space in the gym bag, has a wider opening for easier access to the product, and is environmentally friendly.


Toolbox Studios continuously reviews the website, campaigns, and social media metrics to tweak, brainstorm, design, maintain, listen and interact with the audience. We have built an extremely loyal and diversified following.

The Granite Supplements website is a living, breathing, vital part of the company, especially, with the e-commerce portion. We implemented a heat map that pulls data on the areas of the website that receive the most attention. We use that information to update pages, improve the performance on mobile devices, as well as adjust our goals for displaying products.

Toolbox Studios is the Marketing Department for Granite Supplements. After years of overhauling the brand, we are their trusted partner to maintain and broaden their customer base.

"I have been very impressed with the Toolbox team's responsiveness, creativity, and overall effort to take our business to the next level. I feel as if they are invested stakeholders that work hard to help us, which means a lot to me. I look forward to our continued dealings with them!"

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