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Finding Your Target Audience

Finding the right audience can move mountains when trying to make your company an industry leader.  Narrowing down your audience ensures that the ideal content is exposed to the right people.  It gives your business a chance to custom fit content to the needs of the readers.  When both of those are being done conversion percentage is bound to increase.  Relevant content is only relevant when it is directed to the right people, and that content combined with a social media strategy that gives exposure to it can be a smart way to find out exactly who is listening.  Connecting your content to your product makes what you are sharing credible for your readers and could generate higher conversions.

Sometimes peering into your own company can reveal a lot about what you need to know about your audience.  Questions like: What problems does your business fix?  What are your current customers like? Who is your competition?  What can a consumer have to gain by choosing your company? Once you answer these questions, it should show how and what your content should contain, who will read it, what your competition is doing, and why your audience should choose you.  Finding your targeted audience is no easy task. It requires a deep and detailed process to find exactly who your business needs to appeal to in order to succeed.  The key is to find an ideal customer by going beyond asking questions about age, race, religion, gender, and location.  The more questions you can produce the better your search will go.  Narrowing down your search gives great feedback on what works well with your marketing strategy.  As you brainstorm to find new ways to narrow your search, a new audience may become relevant to the techniques in your strategy.

Your audience is out there. What stood out to me is that the audience is looking and listening, and it is up to the business to find out what they are responding to.  Remember to consider which content worked best.  Content such as a blog is a great way for your business to not only connect with an audience. Using ranked keywords in your blogs attracts customers by matching the blog’s words with the words in the consumer’s search.  Social media can prove to be very efficient at getting personal with the consumer.  With all the social media networks, companies can look at people’s likes, dislikes, and emotions in an instant.  Polls, pictures, articles, and links can all be used on social media to connect with an audience.  If information on certain posts are attracting bigger than average hits, you could possibly reverse engineer the process to find what was drawing them into your site.  Finding an audience can be difficult, however companies that do the job well benefit from their labor and get a better return on their investment.


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