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broken links and how to fix them

Tips To Find and Fix Broken Links On Your Website

By Katy Hahn  What Are Broken Links?  Broken links are hyperlinks within pages of your website, or from your website to …

the dilemma of social media

The Dilemma of Social Media

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent work-from-home, lockdowns, and social distancing have forced companies to rethink their digital footprint. Everyone is …

marketing plans

Technology in Marketing Today

We all know there are many different devices used by consumers marketing companies must find ways to reach all of …

Year In Review
In The Box

Toolbox Studios Takeaways from 2020

Just like everyone else, March 2020 changed our work environment, processes, and strategies. Early on at Toolbox Studios, we focused …

Toolbox Studios lifestyle
In The Box

Surviving a Website Redesign

Do us a favor, Google this: how often should a company redesign their website? That’s right. The answer is every …

toolbox studios team

Account Based Marketing

At Toolbox Studios, we love Account Based Marketing. It has all the hallmarks of how we work best: Collaboration Deep …

facebook homepage

Facebook Posts vs. Boosted Posts vs. Facebook Ads

There are many ways to get your message out on Facebook—some paid, some non-paid. Like Google, Facebook is in a …

toolbox studios digital knowledge management

Digital Knowledge Management

The ways your customers find and engage with information about your business has changed. Simple organic results are now replaced …

toolbox team on zoom
In The Box

We’ve Got This

As much as we would love a good “April Fool’s” joke right now, the reality of the last few weeks …


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