the dilemma of social media

The Dilemma of Social Media

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent work-from-home, lockdowns, and social distancing have forced companies to rethink their digital footprint. Everyone is online. Screen time, digital shopping and delivery, and streaming services are at an all-time high.

At the same time, the perception of what we consume online has changed. The most dramatic example lies with social media. Documentaries like “The Great Hack” and “The Social Dilemma” coupled with world events have cracked open the manipulative power of social networks.

They’ve also created a more self-aware public. We have begun to question the validity of what we see online and are much more selective about what we choose to like, follow, comment on, and subscribe to.

We understand that we’re being tracked, and our data is very valuable.

This realization isn’t going to slow down technology, or the ongoing regulatory and privacy features that chase it. The public has simply adapted to becoming more savvy users who are better informed and less easily manipulated. Just look at the next generation who are growing up with a device in their hands.

What does this mean for marketers?

Social media isn’t going away, but there is more to it than simply creating a post. To interact with your audience, you need behavior-based targeting, relative content, a mobile-first website, downloads, subscriptions, personalization, and a great user experience.

Toolbox Studios can help you reach your audience, deliver meaningful content, and track your interactions.


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