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Technology in Marketing Today

We all know there are many different devices used by consumers marketing companies must find ways to reach all of them, at every key moment of the day, when they are paying attention.

It is the goal to be able to understand people’s motivations and use that data to sell a brand or product to the consumer.  Technology allows a marketing firm to accomplish that.  Speed, relevance, and reach all increase when a firm works with technology closely in their business.  To have those kinds of resources at your fingertips it is crucial to have total collaboration between your tech people and your creatives.

In today’s industry, you need to be dexterous in both digital and creative, an experienced marketer uses the data as research and uses creativity on selecting a direction or idea for a job.

Technology has opened the doors to so much information it can be overwhelming but rather exciting.  Big data, social media, digital engineering, and analytics become a great resource for those trying to get the best results in their marketing strategies.  Things like programmatic ad buying, where a computer buys and places online ads in an automated way is a strategy only a few people can really understand.

Some say that a company that diversifies their work force with a mix of millennials and experienced staff takes long strides in the race for technological excellence.

It is amazing the advancements that have been made in the past few years in speed, relevancy, and reach.  The more we grasp with technology the faster we can move.  Allowing our speed in processing, building, and delivery to go way up.  Relevancy might be one of the most exciting discovery we have achieved.  Being able to target an ad to a very select and specific group makes sure the client is getting the most for what they pay for and allows the marketer to be as accurate as possible.

A modern firm has their creatives and digital working in unison.  Creatives need to be willing to learn and use new strategies and data.  Technologically minded staff use creativity to find patterns, discover fascinating information, and build amazing sites.  Marketing teams could possibly begin having data scientists, engineers, and developers.

Obviously, marketing isn’t an industry grounded by tradition.  Marketing is rapidly changing and it’s the job of a modern firm to keep up with new trends, strategies, and devices.

Technology has shown us what the future of digital marketing has instore for us, but at the end of the day data can only take us so far.  Even though marketing is nothing like what it used to be it still relies on the marketer’s intuition to make the final call.  From what I have gathered from my research it seems the best strategy is to collect as much information from the data as possible but let your experience make the decision.

Data is not here to do the job but rather help you accomplish it.


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