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Rebranding Your Company’s Image

Think of this scenario, you just purchased a company that has been established for years.  They have a set brand and a specific message being shown, but you don’t like it.  You want to totally change how people see the company while keeping the logo that has been well recognized for years.  In this situation, a rebrand is something that should really be considered.  A rebrand is a complete redesign on a company’s brand, it consists of changing how the company is represented and what the brand stands for.  A rebrand requires a long process, bigger budget and hours of research and design.  Rebranding does not always require a  demolition of the logo, in fact, most rebrands consist of creating a new message.  While changing the imagery and delivery.  But when do you know you need a rebrand?  This blog will explain a couple situations that would lead to a rebrand.

Today’s leading companies work hard to have brands that stand out above all others which is crucial in a competitive market.  Rebrands can help companies to be distinct, just by saying something new, fresh, and creative can give your company the competitive edge you need to distinguish yourself.  Consumers like to see new things, when a company relies on a message that is old and not up to date people get bored and your company can become invisible.  To have a good brand means to have a good message and that message needs to target the right people.  A great brand can really help point your company at a specific demographic.  I think that staying ahead of the new generations in terms of branding is smart.  It can open the door to untapped audiences looking for fresh hip businesses.  I myself am part of that next generation and I can understand that a young consumer does not want to be caught up in the past.  They are looking for what’s the newest on the market and a modern rebrand could be just what they are searching for.

Unfortunately, sometimes a rebrand isn’t always a positive decision made by a company.  There are times where a business needs to disassociate with a negative image built around their brand.  Whether it was a nasty legal issue, bad reviews, or possibly a company’s reputation of bad business, a rebrand can leave behind the negativity.  You know your business is great, well run, and positive, but the consumer doesn’t see the good work you are doing.  They look at what they can see and if your brand is tainted with negative connotations a rebrand can change consumer’s perspective of what your company represents.

Your brand is reflection on you and the work you do, why not make it the best you can?  Rebranding can work wonders on getting you noticed as well as help you dial in to the right demographic.

A rebrand lets you establish a new, positive, and modern message.  Whether you are trying to say something new or trying to stop an off-putting reputation a brand is the voice of your company, hopefully its speaking the right language.


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