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To Refresh Or Not To Refresh?

In today’s ever-changing marketplace, your business needs to demonstrate that it’s in step with the times as well as with your customers.  A refresh is one way to make sure to keep your brand from appearing stale and out-of-date.

A brand refresh retains your brand equity, but opens the door to new opportunities for other brand messages you want to convey.  A refresh has a visual connection to the original brand, but focuses more on your current audience, voice, and products.  A refresh can help elevate your brand.  Google’s refresh is a great example. In 2015 they changed from the 1999 logo because it had become outdated and no longer accurately represented the company.  A new, more contemporary logo was created that spoke to Google’s evolving audience and capabilities.  The key to Google’s successful refresh was recognizing that they ran the risk of looking or becoming passe. Today, adjusting is competing and if it makes sense for your business, a refresh could be the perfect adjustment.

Having the capability to evolve with the changes of the consumer, is on track with what a refresh is trying to accomplish.  LEGO is a brand that has made a science out of it.  As a company that started in 1939 they’ve been able to keep with changing times for nearly 80 years.  Originally LEGO was marketed to children and parents and saw the adult as an irrelevant market.  But they soon realized that adults were taking a new interest in their beloved childhood toys.  LEGO added new products, including 5,000-piece model sets, and they updated their digital marketing.  They also created video games and movies that has earned them over $400 million.  Updating your products is a great way for your already established brand to find new interests from consumers who were waiting on a change.

At Toolbox Studios, we look at refreshes as a way to elevate your brand to new heights.  We understand the value of having a enduring brand, but it should be ready to evolve when the moment arrives.  Refreshing does not have to be a drastic change in your brand or company. Although a complete a rebrand is sometimes necessary under certain circumstances.  A refresh is a minor, yet noticeable, change that can potentially lead to a new audience without sacrificing the customers that already know and respect your brand. A strategic brand refresh can brush away the cobwebs and shine a new light on the message your business wants to communicate.