A Case Study For Hitting The Ground Running

trade show

Or, what the Toolbox team managed to pull off when two companies merged,
and, “Oh, BTW”, needed a booth at an international trade show coming up in just seven weeks.


A client of Toolbox Studios, in the manufacturing field, was recently acquired by a competitor. The buying company and investment capital group were impressed with the strong brand recognition we had developed for them in a three-year time period. This was accomplished via logo/brand development, website build, video production, SEO, cross-media marketing, social media, trade publication ads, and digital display advertising.

The Challenge

We were told of the acquisition on August 1, 2017. With an international trade show looming on September 25, we had seven weeks to make the announcement, develop creative, and get the word out that these two companies were now one with expanded manufacturing facilities, increased capacity, and new product offerings.

The Solution(s)

  • Developed the press release and released on the wire. Within two days it had over 5000 hits.
  • Put a marketing plan in place for industry trade publications, digital magazines, digital ads on trade websites, e-newsletters, and email blasts during the month of September leading up to the trade show.
  • Put a digital strategy in place during the trade show including geo-targeting, facebook pin-drop, and IP venue replay for future marketing.
  • Developed creative for all print ads, digital display ads, microsites, booth redesign, printed materials, and booth giveaways.
  • Bought the WiFi sponsorship at the trade show. We developed two microsites and a call rail phone number to drive traffic to the booth.
    • .vegas was used pre-show in all September advertising with a Call-To-Action to reserve time to meet with the team during the trade show.
    • .com was used as the landing page during the trade show. Anyone who logged into WiFi had to type in a password (both company names), and landed on this site which had links to both company websites, the newswire press release, and a CTA to reserve time to meet with the team during the trade show.
  • Purchased a temporary phone and phone plan with Call Rail tracking to record any RSVPs via phone call. The phone number was also publicized in all September advertising.
  • Handled all aspects of onsite logistics:
    • For the 20×20 trade show booth — filled out all forms for delivery, set up, electricity, a/v, hanging structure installation, furniture, cleaning services, break down, delivery to storage, ordered badge scanners
  • For the private boardroom:
    • scheduled high level, off-floor meetings
    • coordinated catering
    • opened up and locked down each day
    • Monitored the call rail and microsite leads, and fed them to the customer service and sales teams at the booth
    • Accepted and distributed all deliveries for print items, booth giveaways, and scanners


The company executives, sales teams, and customer service reps were able to focus on cross-meeting clients, discussing their expanded offerings and capacity, and establishing themselves as leaders in the industry. They were not bogged down in the logistical details of an international trade show.

  • 7,219 people hit the WiFi microsite
  • 3,402 people clicked on the CTA to the RSVP microsite
  • 94 people submitted requests to meet during the show
  • 6 call rail leads
  • These leads came in via:
    • Pre-show Print ads
    • Pre-show Digital display ads
    • 136,096 Geo-Fence impressions
    • 401 Geo-Fence clicks
    • 4,188 Facebook pin drop reach
    • 57 Facebook pin drop clicks


Toolbox Studios will continue to market to the leads that were developed. We will market to the IP venue capture audience when we roll out the new website, and for future product offerings. Currently we are developing full marketing plans for the US, Asian, and European markets.