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Work Outside The Box

Apr 18, 2011

Toolbox Studios is an award-winning branding communications firm that is presently expanding our network of exceptional partners and freelancers to collaborate on current and future projects. We expect our partners to be creative thinkers, great communicators, ethical, resourceful, and technologically savvy. If you or someone you know has those values and is experienced in any of the following fields, please contact us at and provide us compelling samples of your work and a concise statement about why we should work together.

  • DESIGNER – Top notch traditional print design and pre-press skills with an emphasis on publications and editorial design; strong conceptual thinking.
  • BRAND STRATEGIST – Discovery, market research, analysis, stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis; ability to create unique brand positioning.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNER – Brand strategy and planning for multi-channel, online campaigns.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST – Online brand management, engagement and development. Experience with online monitoring tools.
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS SPECIALIST – Traditional and online public relations.
  • ILLUSTRATOR – Needs both traditional and digital skills, with a focus on hand-rendered linework and illustration (especially pen & ink)
  • VIDEO ANIMATOR/EDITOR – Focused on online and viral video, with motion control skills, strong design sensibility, able to turn projects quickly.
  • UX ARCHITECT – Online, mobile and web app UX, including persona and user story development, wireframing and mockup development
  • UI DESIGNER – Intuitive, beautiful design for online, mobile and web applications.
  • JAVASCRIPT DEVELOPER – Hardcore coder with deep experience in Javascript.
  • HTML5/CSS3 DEVELOPER – Specific iPad content development is a bonus.

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